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FAQ - Air-Pots


What kinds of media can you use with the Air-Pots?

You are able to use everything from traditional potting soils to all hydroponic medias.
We have seen great results using the following:

  • Potting soils
  • Coco fiber
  • Sunshine mix
  • Readygro
  • Expanded clay (hydroton)
  • Rockwool (loose fill / minicubes)
  • STG loose fill
  • All kinds of soilless mixes

How should you water an Air-Pot properly?

The Air-Pots lend themselves to being automated by either top feed drip systems or flood and drain gardens. Many gardeners have reported great results by adding a consistent feeding system to their garden. Since the Air-Pot creates such a vigorous root system within the container it will require a little more water to thrive. When given the right conditions the Air-Pots will outgrow any other container available on the market.


Is it OK to hand water the Air-Pots?

It is OK to hand water the Air-Pots. Air-Pot gardeners who use larger pots with traditional potting soils can hand water without problem, however if you use smaller containers it is highly recommended to set up a top feed system. Calgrowers can show you how to setup a great system. Just email us and we will show you how or build a custom system to suit your needs.


Can I use the Air-Pots in an ebb n flow system?

Yes. Simply lower the base of the Air-Pot to maximize water uptake. Many gardeners who fill flood tables with rock are simply putting the Air-Pots on top of the rock bed without a base with great results !


Can I use the Air-Pots outdoors?

Yes! The Air-Pots work great outdoors and in the greenhouse. Many growers in California are using the Air-Pots.


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